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My latest project!

A New Theater Company in the Hudson Valley

Hello Hudson Valley Theater Artists and Enthusiasts,
A new theater company is being formed and we want to know if you’d like to be involved.
The Middle Company is seeking Hudson Valley based actors who are interested in working on their craft and connecting with others in the local performing arts community.

There are three ways to connect with us:

  • member or potential member (would like to attend and participate in workshops)
  • observer (would like to observe workshops to see if this is a good fit for me)
  • enthusiast (would like to support the company by attending performances and/or helping out behind the scenes)

Read more details about the company below, and if you would like to get involved, fill out this FORM and we will follow up with information about our first workshop series.

The Middle Company
a learning laboratory in the Hudson Valley

The Middle Company seeks to

  • provide a space where non-professional adult actors can pursue advanced theater training in a non-competitive environment
  • foster experimentation and play through non-traditional casting
  • use classical texts as a platform for exploring and honing the actor’s craft
  • create an accessible home base for the performing arts community in the Hudson Valley

Member Profile
The Middle Company members likely share these interests and values:

  • they love the community of the theater, and wish they had more opportunities to work on their craft in a non-competitive space
  • they would like to take part in local theater productions, but work, family obligations, or other life circumstances keep them from being able to commit to long running productions or heavy rehearsal schedules
  • they have drifted in and out of the performing arts world throughout their life, and would like to have an anchor to keep them feeling connected to their craft
  • they believe that kindness, not competition, is the cornerstone of a thriving artistic community

The foundation of The Middle Company will be our educational programming and workshops. Semi-monthly workshops will provide the space and structure for actors to challenge themselves, learn new techniques, and create community. Workshops will be led by core facilitators as well as special guests. Workshops will be scheduled once we get an initial headcount of interested people, and they will be located as centrally as possible. We hope to have two workshop locations to serve the upper and lower Hudson Valley.

The Middle Company is more of a learning laboratory than a production machine. However, we do hope to share our work with the community.  These “sharings” could range anywhere from scene-work to full length productions. If you are primarily interested in being in fully mounted productions, this might not be a great fit for you.

Why “The Middle Company?”
It stands for a variety of ideas

  • the best perspective is found in the middle. You can see all sides from equal distance. As performing artists, we should strive to constantly refine our perspective in order to foster empathy and alacrity.
  • many people in the performing arts experience a rush from being cast in a show only to have that followed by a low period when the show is over. The Middle Company seeks to level out those highs and lows by providing ongoing acting and performance workshops.
  • sometimes we need permission to start in the middle. It’s ok to be neither beginner nor expert, and yet strive for excellence in our art.

Who is running this thing? I am! More on me here.